===DESCRIPTION=== Just a video and quick-edit to show my in-game mods of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. ===MODIFICATIONS=== Cars Weapons Clothing Gang Members Terrorities all over SA Trees Weather Buildings Real time Weapon shots Water Other particles like glass smash, smoke, fire, explosion, blood, lights, reflection etc. Other features not shown in video: Enterable Tram. ===OTHER=== No! I did not create all these mods, I have downloaded everything separately, yes it did take time but it was worth it playing GTA SA in a fresh, new, improved and modified gameplay. Do I lag? Yes I do sometimes, it depends where I get low FPS which I normally get in southern Los Santos. But places in middle of SF, LV etc are fine. ===DOWNLOAD LINKS=== NEW GREAT EFFECTS V1.5 - new blood, water, smoke, wind, smash, dirt, sun, clouds etc. Vehicle mods are easy for yourself to pick what you like. This is my weapons mod (except dildosaw): Dildosaw: The LS, SF, LV new roads (long time to mod them though lol!): LS ROADS: SF ROADS: LV ROADS: NEW GROVE STREET: CJ'S NEW HOUSE: WHITE T-SHIRT ***NOTE*** Guys, I just worked out how to get the T-Shirt that length and not the details. OK, download the file I have put below. ONLY use the tshirt.dff, if you want T-Shirts to be long, like mine. If you like the details on that T-Shirt, include the tshirtwhite.txd as well. But if you want plain white shirt like mine, or all other shirts, only include tshirt.dff NEW WEATHER (make sure your brightness on its lowest) NEW PALM TREES SAVEGAME EDITOR - Edit terrorties, stats, weapons, garage and others on your savegame."


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