GTA SA Super CJ Mod

You can download this mod at;89329

You need WinRAR and GTA SA version 1.0.

Extract the files with WinRAR and find main.scm and script.img (located in "Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\script") and replace with the modded ones.

*Don't forget to back up files!

Subtitles On/Off- Activate or deactivate Super CJ Mod (Options, Display Settings)
Conversation No (Default N) - Increase power (Speed Up)
Conversation Yes (Default Y) - Decrease power (Slow Down)
Fire + Conversation No -- Slow Motion
Fire + Conversation Yes -- Real Time
Jump + Conversation No (Default N) - Take Off (0:32)
Group_Ctrl_Forward (Default G) - Toggle Flying Animations (1:14)
Sprint -- Temporarily Stop Flying (1:27)
Previous Weapon -- Control Vehicle (On Ground Only) (1:47)
*Next Weapon -- Activate 'Force Push' (for that specific car) (after pressing Previous Weapon) (On Ground Only) (1:52)
Jump -- Toggle 'Force Push' (While Flying Only) (2:22)
Next Weapon -- Activate 'Force Sphere' (2:42)
Jump + Conversation Yes (Default Y) -- Teleport (after setting waypoint) (3:04)"


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod (Video Gaming) Superman