GTA: San Andreas (ps2) - Psychic Psycho


Allot of people seem to think this is the PC version of the game and I'm using mods, this is not the case. I can understand why some of you think this at a first glance but just look at the video, why does it have black borders around it? It has those black borders because it's a PAL 50Hz TV signal. If it was the PC version it would not have those black borders and the quality would be pristine clear, not fuzzy because of an analogue signal.

Update: Since I'm getting way too many messages about how I did the cheats in the game I will say it here. I used an Xploder cheat device which you can get by going to and I used cheat codes from
Also I will now no longer reply to messages that ask how I did or where to get the cheats etc. So if you're too ignorant to read this, not my problem.

Should have added this sooner but if you have no idea what a Cheat device is then read up;



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